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ON Tour: Promoters Point of View with Newton-Le-Willows Village Hall

Promoters Point of View: My Show Newton – Le – Willows. LOST DOG “Juliet & Romeo” Interview with David Fox Hello, what’s your name and what’s your venue? Good evening , I'm David , the newest of 5 current members of PIN involved in promoting a variety of entertainment at Newton Le Willows Village Hall in North Yorkshire . Tell us a little bit about P.I.N….... A little ...ha-ha there's a lot Performances in Newton , or PIN for short , is a group of villagers ( Bob , Jane , Sally , Chris and myself ) who plan, promote and deliver live professional entertainment into NLW. We aim for a varied repertoire of music , theatre , comedy and dance at least 4 times a year appealing to all ages and tastes including over the festive period . PIN began way back in 2004 with an evening of “Swing” from the Sheena Davis Group and since then has played host to a huge variety of entertainers , theatre groups and musicians. Our aim is to bring top class productions

My CREATETour: Summit by Fuel Theatre #whatchange

My CREATETour Summit by Fuel Theatre  #whatchange  This season we are excited to have Fuel Theatre and their show Summit , touring from 14th - 16th November, as part of our CREATETour project. The young people from Tuned In! in Redcar will  also be performing a short piece that they have created before each show. Summit is a play performed by three actors in a blend of languages, set over three different time periods. The play explores equality and language and invites action. As part of the show, Fuel Theatre have created a special #whatchange campaign, asking audiences to sign "Summit" with a description of what change they want in the arts. We want for as many people as possible to join in the conversation and get involved! "More disabled performers in lead roles!". What's the change you want to see? Post a photo of yourself signing 'SUMMIT' and your answer with the hashtag #whatchange to be in with a chance of winning a pair

ON Tour: In Good Company with Johnny Thirkell

In Good Company  Johnny Thirkell  Q&A Johnny Thirkell's " Blown It! " is touring as part of Rural Arts ON Tour at Terrington Village Hall on 7th November ( tickets ) and Hart Village Hall on 10th November  ( tickets ) Hello, what’s your name and what’s your role in Blown It!?What does that role involve on the road?  Hi. I’m Johnny Thirkell and I am one half of the ‘cast’ of Blown It! The show has a kind of ‘chat show’ format where I answer questions on my career as a professional musician. I’ve toured and recorded with famous artists such as Jamiroquai, Level 42, Phil Collins etc and in the course of my career I’ve been kidnapped by the Japanese Mafia, shot at in Manila, deported from America, I (accidentally) set fire to a hotel. You know, the usual stuff! Ooh, and I’ll be playing a few tunes on the trumpet too. You’ve worked with artists such as George Michael, Tina Turner and David Bowie.  Of all the work you’ve done (not exclusively in rural tou

100 Different Words For Love at Terrington Village Hall

On Tour: 100 Different Words For Love at Terrington Village Hall "Captivating. A talented storyteller" "Excellent performer. Very different but very good." On 21st September, Terrington Village Hall played host to the mesmerising "100 Different Words For Love" by James Rowland & Tangram Theatre. The show told familiar tales of love and heartbreak, incorporating music, comedy and storytelling all into one incredible solo performance.  The ON Tour team got the chance to go along to the show to experience it for ourselves and support our new ON Tour promoter, Dave Gaskell, in promoting his first show at Terrington Village Hall. The venue had previously worked with ON Tour several years ago, under the Terrington Arts. But as the reigns were handed over to the village committee, we were able to welcome Dave as our new ON Tour promoter for the village, a few months ago. As we arrived at the village hall, we spotted James and his di