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My Work Experience at Rural Arts: Take 2

πŸ“ My Work Experience at Rural Arts πŸ‘œ Over the past few weeks Rural Arts have had five young people experience work at Rural Arts; Jena, Matthew, Evie, Gabriella and Elliot. Here's what they had to say about their experiences and everything they got up to... A Platter Jena made during her week at Rural Arts as part of Taste Of: Quirky Platters Flowers Evie and Gabriella picked during their week at Rural Arts The pressed flowers we used for Art Cafe 2 weeks later...

Self- Care Day

πŸ™πŸ’™Self - Care Day at Rural ArtsπŸ’™πŸ™ 10am - 4pm, July 17th On Tuesday July 17th, as part of Time to Change , Rural Arts organised a Self-Care day. The day involved a variety of activities, with a sensory workshop and pet corner in the morning, as well as yoga in the town hall, colour and cake in the courthouse cafe and an afternoon session of creating a self-care toolkit. We had lots of people visiting during the day with one of the main highlights being yoga with the lovely Frankie Barbour . Her session was suited to all abilities, with a variety of yoga poses leaving people feeling very relaxed after the class! As well as yoga, we also ran a sensory workshop in the morning. The workshop included drawing to music, scented paints, messy clay and even painting with our feet! The scented paints were especially fun, as the more paintings that were created, the more smells of vanilla, orange, ginger and others filled the room. In the afternoon we created a

ON Tour at the New Directions Showcase

ON Tour  🎭🎢At the National Rural Touring Forum "New Directions" Showcase 2018 🎀 πŸ’ƒ Last week, from June 26th - 27th, the ON Tour team; Jo and Sorcha, attended the National Rural Touring Forum 's annual conference. This year the event was hosted by Worcester University and fellow rural touring scheme, Live & Local .  As we arrived we were greeted by the friendly students at the university who had volunteered to help at the event. The main space had been decorated to embody a village hall, with bunting, village notice boards, marquees and plenty of tea (of course!) We began the event with a unique icebreaker called "Faceback" in which we all wore badges with other people's faces on them, aiming to 'get our face back'. It was a brilliant way of encouraging conversation between people that might otherwise not get the opportunity to talk to one another. On the first day we watched eight performances in total. One of