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ON Tour Spring 2018

🌟And that's a wrap!🌟 Last Saturday Burden Of Paradise performed at Neasham Reading Room as the last ON Tour show for Spring 2018! We wanted to show you our highlights of ON Tour this Spring; which brought some amazing shows to rural venues across North Yorkshire, West Yorkshire and East Cleveland. Take a look below to see more. Cassie and Maggie The season kicked off with Cassie and Maggie, which toured to Grantley Village Hall, Great Broughton and Grantley Village Hall. The girls seemed to enjoy their time performing in rural North Yorkshire: Incredible soldout night at the Grantly Village hall! #northyorkshire we are officially in love with you ❤❤❤#goforittour #northyorkshireweddings 💍 A post shared by Cassie and Maggie (@cassieandmaggie) on Feb 9, 2018 at 5:21pm PST Chip Shop Chips Chip Shop Chips was another major highlight of the tour, with nearly every venue selling out! There's no way we would be ale to fit in all our favouri

Rural Arts Art Cafe.

The Rural Arts   🎨 Arts Cafe 🎨 (Clockwise from top left) Making candles with Morna, Painting Tiles for the Courthouse Café and Painting Vases. For those of you who haven't heard of the Art Cafe, we thought we'd write a little article for you to explain what it's all about and how you, or someone you know can get involved. Art Cafe is held monthly, on a Thursday between 10.30 - 11.30am, right here in The Courthouse at Rural Arts. We provide free workshops for Over 75's as part of our celebrating age scheme, which also includes a free cuppa whilst you create!  There are a wide variety of activities you can get involved in as part of the art cafe, such as glass painting, ceramics, painting, drawing, printing and sculpture. There are still plenty of art cafes to come this year... Art Café Dates:   24th May . 21st June . 19th July . 16th August . 13th September . 11th October .  8th November . 6th December . Like our Taste Of workshops, Art Cafe is s