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Easter Holiday Activities

Easter Holiday Activities at Rural Arts 🐤 🐣 Happy Easter from Rural Arts!  🐣🐤 We had lots of fun over the two week Easter holiday break. In the first week we ran family workshops on how to make wind chimes, easter wreaths and glass paintings. We also had the lovely Theatre Fideri Fidera perform their show Oskar's Amazing Adventure which went down a storm with all the children! In the second week we had three more great workshops, with botanical painting, shibori eco-dyeing and tile painted birds and insects.  Take a look below, to see everything we got up to! WEEK ONE For our first workshop of the week we made some lovely wind chimes, out of all different sorts of objects, including bottle caps, beads, buttons and jewellery. Wind chimes! 🐣🔅💠 Made by our little artists who attended the Easter holiday activities today.. beads, Keys, broken jewellery, driftwood, yarn, sequins, tin foil... made only using the finest recycled materials! (And everything else we

ON Tour: In Good Company with The Unknown Soldier

In Good Company The Unknown Soldier Q&A Hello, what’s your name and what’s your role in The Unknown Soldier? What does that role involve on the road?   I’m Ross Ericson and I’m playwright and actor in ‘The Unknown Soldier’. Without giving too much away tell us a little bit about your show.   This is a story of comradeship, betrayal and of promises both broken and kept following the carnage of World War One. What inspired you to create such a monologue?   It is a personal response to Michael Gove’s sabre rattling – he was then Secretary of Education.   He said that we should celebrate the First World War as a great victory and forget about the huge costs, calling our views of the conflict to be nothing more than left wing propaganda propagated by the BBC etc.   I felt the need to put him right. Thinking about your show, what’s the one thing overall that you hope audiences will take away from seeing the show?   Definitely to be entertained – that’s what theatre is