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ON Tour: In Good Company with Remi Harris Trio

In Good Company :   Remi Harris Trio Q&A Hello, what’s your name and what’s your role in Remi Harris Trio? What does that role involve on the road? My name is Remi and I’m a guitarist in the Remi Harris Trio. Your music has been described as a mix of “Gypsy Swing, Jazz and Blues.” Who or what would you say inspires the type of music you create? I’m inspired by lots of different music genres but some of my biggest influences would be Django Reinhardt, Jimi Hendrix, Peter Green, Wes Montgomery, Led Zeppelin and Stan Getz. Have you got a particular piece of music that is played during the show that’s your favourite? What’s the story behind it? I don’t really have a favourite, I guess it depends what mood I’m in. It’s often the tune that I have played the least at that particular time as it will feel more fresh than the tunes that we're playing more often. Of all the work you’ve done (not exclusively in rural touring) what’s been your favourite show to date? Agai

Chip Shop Chips at Hart Village Hall

ON Tour: Chip Shop Chips at Hart Village Hall 10.03.2018 "An amazing time which was so entertaining and so real you  felt the emotions, fantastic"   - Audience Member    On 10th March, Hart Village Hall played host to the wonderful "Chip Shop Chips" by Box of Tricks Theatre. Written by Becky Prestwich the show incorporated immersive theatre with a heart-warming tale about losing love and then finding it again. We got the chance to go along to the show to experience it for ourselves and meet our Hart ON Tour promoter, Emma Stanworth. As we entered the village hall the atmosphere was already buzzing and there seemed to be a lot of excitement in the air. The entire venue had been transformed into a Fish and Chip Shop. Tables with red checkered cloths and salt and vinegar a-plenty, were spread out around the hall, allowing the audience to come together and have a natter before the show kicked off. As the play began, whilst we munched away on our Fis

At The Courthouse : FRESH Exhibition

FRESH Exhibition Open 2nd - 16th March On 8th March we had a lovely evening here at The Courthouse meeting some of the emerging artists whose work features in the FRESH Exhibition this year. The exhibition contains artwork ranging from painting, drawing, sculpture, conceptual installations, handmade jewellery and ceramics, exploring themes such as mortality, homelessness, memories, dreams, queer art and satire. This years FRESH features: Amber Gosden ,  Anya Charikov-Mickleburgh, Charlie Mantorp, Ffion Taverner,  Hannah Parikh, Helena-Made, Jessica Copping, Junie Latte, Katie Tomlinson, Lorain Be, Maggie Thompson, Megan Fatherly, Rebecca Perry, Ruth Brown, Simon Frater-Russell,  Sorcha McCole ,  Will Norman. We've had some great feedback about the work and have loved hearing what our visitors have had to say about the exhibition so far. One viewer called the exhibition " eye-opening and other worldly ", another said " lov

My CREATE Tour with RJC Dance

    INSTAGRAM:   create_tour     MY CREATETour...   With RJC Dance     (Dance Workshop at Tuned In! Redcar) For our first CREATE Tour project of 2018, we worked with RJC Dance to provide a number of carnival dance workshops to young people across North Yorkshire: at Tuned In! Redcar, at Butterflies Dance School in Thirsk and at Primary Schools  Badger Hill Primary and Whitecliffe Primary, both in Saltburn-by-the-sea.     ( Workshop at Tuned In! Redcar) We asked our young people at the workshops what they most enjoyed about taking part in the project... "Everything!" "I liked how enthusiastic the dance was, we had fun and expressed how well we can dance." "Learning new dances and creating your own dance" - Tuned In!     (Butterflies Workshop) "It was really fun and different to any other dances I have tried before" - Butterflies      (The young people of Badger Hill Primary) After runn