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ON Tour On tour...

ON Tour , on tour! The team go to Ryedale  🌲 🚙🌲       Jo in the snow outside  Ryedale Folk Museum The ON Tour team visited Ryedale recently, to catch up with our ON Tour promoters! We had a great time seeing both  existing  and potential ON Tour venues. The surrounding areas we drove through were stunning, especially in the snow. A very fun way to spend a day at work! Our visit took us to Weaverthorpe Village Hall ,  Ryedale Folk Museum  in Hutton-le-Hole, Amotherby Village Hall and Sinnington Village Hall . First Stop: Weaverthorpe Village Hall Our first stop was the lovely Weaverthorpe Village Hall where we were welcomed by Helen and Trevor with a nice cup of tea to warm us up! It was so nice to see such a unique venue with it's lovely wooden interior and amazing countryside views.  Weaverthorpe will be having the Burden of Paradise and Snake Davis perform at their venue on May 4th. It's  definitely worth a visit; get your tickets here ! .

February Half-Term Workshops

February Half Term Activities Celebrating Chinese New Year... We had a great time creating a variety of different Chinese-New-Year-themed artworks for February Half Term! On Tuesday we started off with paper folding. We created dogs, frogs, fortune tellers and fishes. The children decorated them brilliantly once they'd finished folding all the different shapes. Take a look at what some of them made.. Doggies Fortune Teller and Fishies Some of the children even had time to make some lovely drawings at the end of the workshop! Next up we had Zodiac Ceramic Head workshops on Wednesday morning and Wednesday afternoon. The children worked on creating different animals of the zodiac, including horses, roosters, oxes, snakes and more! Here's a little look at the finished heads ready to go into the kiln to be fired. Keep an eye out on our Facebook to see them when they've been fired and glazed. For our final workshop on Thursday we cr

ON Tour: In Good Company with Chip Shop Chips

In Good Company:  Chip Shop Chips Q&A Hello, what’s your name and what’s your role in Chip Shop Chips? What does that role involve on the road?   My name is Amy and I’m the Associate Producer at Box of Tricks. I’m producing the production of Chip Shop Chips which means for the past year I have been approaching venues about hosting a performance of the show, booking the tour and liaising with venues and promoters. I book all of the logistics in advance of the tour like travel and accommodation but then I don’t actually go out on tour myself! I send the actors and our production manager out on the road to do the show and I carry on looking after the venues and the marketing from our office in Manchester. Without giving too much away, explain to us what Chip Shop Chips is all about.  Without just telling you the same stuff from the show copy, for me the play is all about nostalgia. Remembering how you felt when you were dating your first love, how you feel now wh

Arts Award at Rural Arts

Arts Award Week! Did you know that Rural Arts is an  Arts Award  supporter?  The Arts Award inspires young people to grow their arts and leadership talents. Within our term time Art  Club, we deliver the Explore, Bronze and Silver Levels and will be piloting the Gold in 2018! Our young people wanted to share their Arts Award journey with you as part of Arts Award Week this week. Take a look at the video below to find out more! With special thanks to our digital artist Claire Ford and our Art Club Volunteers for making of the film.  Please get in touch with Rural Art’s Arts Award advisor Poppy Love Oldham for more information: