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You have the right to remain entertained!

On Friday the 10th March, the award winning show Police Cops is coming to Thirsk as part of the ON Tour scheme. This show's blend of fast paced humour, classic police story and abundance of facial hair has been winning over audiences and critics both nationally and internationally.  To whet your appetite about this amazing show, we sat down with Nathan from the company who created Police Cops, The Pretend Men, and 'interrogated' (get it?) him about the show,  the company and  fished for some behind the scene secrets.  (P.S There are still some tickets available, but they are selling fast: make sure you grab them while you can  HERE ) Interview: 10 Minutes with Nathan Parkinson of The Pretend Men  1.     Hello, what’s your name and what’s your role in The Pretend Men? What does that role involve on the road? My name is Nathan Parkinson - I'm Co-Artistic director / Producer / Actor. As a producer on the road I'm spending time gathering all the logistical in