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A Rural Review 2016: Week 18!

Hello one and all and welcome back to A Rural Review. Usually in this introduction we like to kick things off with a small topical reference to a nationwide event that took place in the week. You know, something that everyone would be aware of and has an opinion on. Sadly for us we can't think of a single major thing that has happened this week in Britain: it seems nothing of note, at all, seems to have occurred... Ah well, with that in mind we should probably leave that segment of the blog so that we can remain on course for the normal Rural Review structure: telling you all about this weeks highlights at the Courthouse and what other exciting activities we have coming up. Let's kick off shall we?! What's been happening A Taste Of... Morning and Evening Look at all of this hustle and bustle! It has been a very busy week for our adult art club this week! With both morning and afternoon sessions running, our workshop has been full to the brim with creativity

A Rural Review 2016: Week 17!

Hello one and all and welcome back to A Rural Review. This week began with beautiful sunshine and ended in torrential rain, which let's hope is not a metaphor for England's chances at the European Championships, which of course kick off tonight in Paris. But enough about football, we here at Rural Review strive to be different than the England football team, because when we promise much we deliver real results, not just disappointment, despondency and regret (if we win the Euro's this blog will look very silly, but we are prepared to take that risk..) So we have a load of activities to talk about and also some other fun things you should keep your eyes peeled for - let's begin shall we? What's been happening Thirsk Hour Live Get involved! If you are not aware of Thirsk Hour, then you need to up your North Yorkshire-based social media game! Every Thursday between 7-8pm the Thirsk Hour twitter feed is alive with everything that is going on in our

A Rural Review 2016: Week 16!

Hello one and all and welcome back to another Rural Review. As we are sure many of you will be aware of, today marks the last day of the May/June half term for kids and young people - who will be returning to school next week (we are sure that there is also a large contingent who are slightly relieved about that...) Now we love to embrace a half term here at The Courthouse, which meant this week has been busy and exciting in equal measure! Let's begin todays post with... What's been happening: Half-Term Wonderland Activities It's been a 'mad' week! The Courthouse this week has been a hub of Alice-themed activity, and we would not have bad it any other way! On Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday, we had a craft workshop in the morning, making Wonderland accessories - like hats, tea cups and crowns, and then in the afternoon a very special tea party was hosted for our fabulous participants by the Mad Hatter himself. All of these activities took place in our