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A Rural Review 2016: Week 15!

Yes we are back, and with a brand spanking new banner to boot! This banner is just the tip of the iceberg for an exciting new development of our blog - which we can't wait to tell you all about this week. In fact, it is just one of the many exciting things that have happened at Rural Arts over the last 7 days and with next week being an extra special one for us at The Courthouse, it promises to be a jam-packed filled post. Without further ado let's kick off with... What's been happening Brighton Fringe Still tickets available! As I am sure you will know, one of Rural Arts key activities is the ON Tour scheme, which is the rural touring scheme for North Yorkshire and East Cleveland. Running for over 20 years, the reason the scheme has been so successful for so long is that the performances are always such so high quality (this is based on audience and promoter feedback, not our own evaluation of the work!) What this means is that we are always on the look ou

A Rural Review 2016: Week 14!

So it looks like we have some explaining to do...  The sincerest apologies from us here at Rural Review HQ for the enforced break from posting: as you will know, here at Rural Arts we are constantly doing different, new and exciting things, but the sheer amount of things that happened over the last couple of weeks means that our lovely blog got left slightly by the wayside. However, we have now returned, fresh and ready to recap all the fantastic things we have been doing recently, and what other exciting things we have coming up. Let's hope the phrase 'absence makes the heart grows fonder' applies to the blogging world yes? Here we go... What's been happening Tour De Yorkshire Day Just smile and wave boys... Where to start?! Well, although this seemed to happen many moons ago, we couldn't not talk about  this day because of just how well it went! On a very wet and windy Sunday 1st May, Rural Arts opened it's doors for a very special , bike fille