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A Rural Review 2016: Week 13!

Hello one and all and welcome back to 'A Rural Review.' The weather might have been dreary this week in North Yorkshire - but our programme of activities certainly hasn't been! There are no April showers that can stop us from providing exciting creative activities both in Thirsk and all through North Yorkshire - and with that lets look too... What's been happening CREATEtour Those who read our blog last week will know all about our CREATEtour (if you haven't, why not have a look now, it is good we promise) where 10 fantastic young people from Selby spent a week working with The Harmonettes to create their own show based around themes of Dorothys War, which has been touring around North Yorkshire venues all last week.  This week they have been touring around venues - performing the piece as an opening act for the show - and have been fantastic. Instead of having to listen to our version of the project one of the participants has written us something about

A Rural Review 2016: Week 12!

We are back! Yes Rural Review returns after a small hiatus to recap another action-packed week at Rural Arts and to look ahead at what is coming up in our calendar. This post includes young people's projects, executioners and even a Mayor at our Courthouse! With interest now thoroughly peaked (we assume) lets move onto... What's been happening CREATEtour It's looking good! This week saw the return of our CREATEtour – the chance for young people to learn what it is like to be a professional theatre company,   create their own show and then tour it around local venues.  The week was run by The Harmonettes (more on them later..) and supported by the ON Tour team, who have spent this week out in Selby with ten enthusiastic and talented young people (lucky them!) seeing the piece take shape and getting involved in a game or two.  After seeing the piece in rehearsal, it is fair to say we are pretty darn excited for their touring week - make sure you check back with