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A Festive Rural Review: Week 15!

Welcome back to A Rural Review - the weekly blog series which gives a recap of all that has been going on at Rural Arts and also what is coming up in the near future. Now you might not have heard it mentioned, as people have kept pretty quiet about the whole thing, but it is actually only a week till Christmas! (I know I couldn't believe it either - you would think it would have been advertised more really wouldn't you...) At the end of last weeks blog we promised something slightly different than the norm to tie in with the festivities... and as we have already mentioned we do love a poem at Rural Arts...can you see where this is going? But wait! Before we start we want to point you in the direction of Thirsk Writers Group - which was spoken about way back in our blog in 2011. As of  December 2015 this group is not only still going, but flourishing. If you want to attend, meetings are now held at The Golden Fleece Hotel, Market Place, Thirsk, in the Rydale Room, every second

A Rural Review: Week 14!

Hello one and all! Yes I know we are earlier than usual, but we are too excited about this weeks events to wait until tomorrow. So without further ado, w elcome back to A Rural Review - for those that don't know, this is the weekly blog series which recaps all that has happened at Rural Arts this week and what exciting things you should look out for in the Rural Arts calendar. Although we are in midst of December, ironically, things are heating up at The Courthouse - mainly because of the hundreds beautiful items that were created that need to be fired in our Kiln!  This leads us nicely onto... What's been happening Hey Clay! Saturday was not a quiet day at the Courthouse, but it was a pretty darn good one. Our national ceramic event Hey Clay! took place on Saturday, to tie in with the BBC series The Great Pottery Throwdown. It was a fantastic day full to the brim of creative ideas, amazing demonstrations and all round loveliness. We need to thank all the artists who

A Rural Review: Week 13

Yes. It is a friday... and this IS the 13th week of A Rural Review... but we are not worried! We have not got the time nor interest for anything spooky or fateful (we have already covered that for Halloween) instead we are focused with feeling thoroughly festive -the chestnuts are roasting, the bells are jingling, and (unfortunately in my opinion) the brussels are boiling. We have not descended into complete Christmas frivolity just yet, but are teetering periously close to edge, with our only protection from plummeting headfirst into tinsel and mince pies being the memories of all the amazing things we have done this week and the equally fantastic things happening in the near future. Yes this metaphor was probably slightly over dramatic, but lets just disregard that and press on with... What's been happening  Arts Market This is not the first time we have hosted this event, but it was one of our most successful years yet. On Saturday and Sunday Rural Arts opened its door