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A Rural Review: Week 12!

Normal service is resumed! This week there are no pesky kids taking over - we are just back to what we do best, reviewing the weeks events in the Rural Arts calendar with an added bonus of what is to come thrown in for good measure. This is the last week we can solemnly promise Rural Review won't have some form of 'christmassy' theme - so enjoy it while it lasts! What's been happening Promoters Day/ National Theatre Live Now. This day officially happened last week and would have gone into last weeks blog - however due to the meddling from our Takeover day participants this was not possible... (but in all seriousness Takeover Day was fantastic - click HERE to read last weeks blog where three of the students talk about their day taking over the Courthouse.) Last thursday 20 of our promoters involved with Rural Arts ON Tour came down for a day of networking, training and all round excellent fun. With marketing guidance from Stephen Joseph Theatre, a pitch of a po

A Takeover of Rural Review: Week 11!

Today, students from Thirsk school and sixth form college took over Rural Arts for the day. It was pretty swell. We split off into teams and undertook activities to help advertise Hey Clay! which will take place on Saturday 5th December at The Courthouse in Thirsk. Each team performed a different task, from media skills to workshop creation. For example, we are students writing this blog - which explains the sub-par quality of text... (Rural Review editor note: I think it's excellent!) The day started at 9 o clock with introductions and a short activity where we looked at different programming ideas for the ON Tour scheme. We looked at a range of shows and gave critical responses to them. See below for evidence! We then were fascinated by a live demonstration of pottery by amazing potter Gordon Broadhurst - it was very impressive watching him work and we were awe struck. However the experience dampened somewhat by the horrific tragedy of clay on my jeans... (Rural review edit

A Rural Review: Week 10!

So we've made it to double figures! Yes that's right, our little blog is all grown up. Still, even though we could spend many pages celebrating this, quite frankly, monumental achievement, we won't. Why not, I hear you ask? Well it's a good question, but we must save the back-patting and high-fiving for another day and press on with what we do best. It has been another fabulous week here at Rural Arts, and with equally fabulous events coming up, our first duty is to you, loyal readers, to make sure you are all clued up on what is going on in the Rural Arts world. With that in mind... What's been happening Lindsay Hannon and #CREATEtour On Saturday, the Courthouse was full of the smooth, soulful sounds of jazz... and the Lindsay Hannon Plus weren't bad either! Supported by Lindsay, young people from Redcar and East Cleveland who participated in the #CREATEtour performed an original set of songs, which was followed by an amazing set by the band themselv