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A Rural Review: Week 5!

September is drawing to a close, which means darker nights, chillier days and the realisation that, to quote a popular TV series, "Winter is coming…". But this has been a brilliant month here at Rural Arts and although the days may be getting colder, the future at Rural Arts is looking bright! With that in mind, let's recap what has happened this week and what we have for you in the month of October. Whats been happening ON Tour Season As we are sure you know, this month signalled the start of our ON Tour season - which means a whole host of village halls from the North Yorkshire region opened their doors to some high class, professional performances courtesy of Rural Arts. So far we have had 686 people book onto ON Tour performances both in September and for upcoming performances, which is an amazing start for ON Tour Autumn 2015. To put that into perspective, 686 people coming to our shows is: 140 more than the amount of people who have been fatally attac

A Rural Review: Week 4!

Welcome back to a 'Rural Review'! This week we are back to what we do best (which means considerably less rhyming...) recapping what has been a wonderful week here in the Courthouse, while letting you know what to keep an eye out for over the coming weeks. Whats been Happening Holy Moly & The Crackers  As you may have seen - this week was the return of 'folknroll' band Holy Moly & The Crackers with their fantastic theatre show If the River was Whiskey. The spectacular six piece have just played a super gig in Settle Victoria Hall and are gearing up for their final performance of the ON Tour season at East Cowton which is happening tonight. We always love having this band here who never fail to disappoint! Thanks Holy Moly - you've been cracking! (P.S If you can't get enough of the Holy Moly sound - you can hear their latest single, 'A punk called Peter' by clicking HERE ) 'A Taste of…' Sessions Our brand new adult art

A Rhyming Rural Review: Week 3!

Here at Rural Arts we love a challenge… With our next ON Tour performance being the fantastic 'folknroll' band Holy Moly & The Crackers and their toe-tapping performance 'If the River was Whiskey', we decided to recap whats happened here at Rural Arts and what's to come, completely in rhyme. To book onto Holy Moly's amazing show on the 17th and 18th September click HERE - they completely sold out when they last toured with us previously so grab them while you can! *Deep Breaths* Here we go… A Rural Review: The Rhyming Edition We'll start with this week, with what's gone before, And an amazing performance that kicked off ONTour, A piece where we heard one man laugh, talk and sing, And show us his list of most brilliant things, A piece that has been in New York as top billing, We were so lucky to have it in Gilling, Every Brilliant Thing was impossible to resist, And a reason an audience member will 'start his own list!'

A Rural Review: Week 2!

"You're six years old. Mum's in Hospital. Dad says she's 'done something stupid'. She finds it hard to be happy.  So you start to make a list of everything that's brilliant in the world. Everything that's worth living for: 1. Ice Cream 2. Kung Fu Movies 3. Burning things 4. Laughing so hard you shoot milk out your nose 5. Construction Cranes 6. Me You leave it on her pillow. You know she's read it because she corrects your spelling. Soon, the list will take on a life of it's own." This is the blurb of the first performance of our Autumn 2015 ON Tour season  Every Brilliant Thing,  which is being performed on Tuesday 8th September at Gilling East Village Hall. So for this week we thought we would use this play's fantastic concept as inspiration and play around with the form of our blog!  Below our lovely staff let us know what previous or upcoming event would be top of their very own 'Rural Arts themed' brilliant lis