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Good-byee from ON Tour intern Chris

I’m nearing the end of my internship here in the Rural Arts ON Tour office, after a hectic, productive and exciting 5 months. I thought I’d write a bit of a reflective blog about my time here, so that future interns (and anyone else that might be interested) could know what to expect from the work that goes on in this mysterious world of rural touring, and to explain some of the valuable experiences I’ve gained from working at Rural Arts. A view from the intern's desk (on a surprisingly tidy day)... The months I’ve spent here have seen the launch of Create Tour, a unique project for young performers in North Yorkshire and East Cleveland; the first project of its kind, Create Tour enables 11-16 year olds to rehearse and tour with professional performers for free, creating an exceptional opportunity in communities that are lacking in arts provision. We ran this project with Phoenix Dance Theatre earlier this year in East Cleveland (see Chloe’s blog below), recruiting young