Willow basket making workshop at The Courthouse

Recent visitors to The Old Courthouse will have seen the fantastic willow sculptures gracing the front garden.

On Saturday Jess Wilkinson, the artist who produced these amazing pieces of art, ran a basket making workshop. She arrived at Rural Arts with a large bundle of willow, ready to introduce a group of nine ladies to the world of slaths, bradawls and upsetts.

The workshop was an excellent chance for the group to get hands-on with this ancient craft. The participants were taken through the different stage, each part of the basket needing a slightly different technique or approach.  

The participants produced some lovely baskets at the end of the workshop and should be very proud of their efforts.

Jess has run workshops at the courthouse before, making garden willow ornaments. This second workshop proved just as popular, with participants not only taking home a willow basket, but a whole new set of skills.

Rural Arts will be running more willow workshops with Jess in the autumn – willow sculptures and willow wreaths.  For more information or to register your interest contact Janice@ruralarts.org


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