Exciting programme of arts training for teachers, teaching assistants, artists, trainee teachers etc

Jo York, Arts Advisor for NYCC, is running a programme of Art and Design courses  in partnership with Rural Arts in Thirsk.   She has had lots of requests especially for really practical courses, designed to build skills, subject specific knowledge and above all confidence.
They are all highly practical, (which explains the choice of Rural Arts as a venue, as we have ideal studio space), and each one focuses on a key area within the  Art and Design curriculum.

The courses cover; mark-making and developing a visual language, working with colour and paint, sketchbooks, practical printmaking, textile skills and techniques, and 3D skills, and each will not only give delegates time to acquire appropriate practical skill, but will also offer loads of inspiration for classroom activities and curriculum planning.

The courses are aimed at all teachers and teaching assistants and artists in the primary phase and they have been planned to work both as stand-alone courses and when taken together as an effective grounding in a broad spectrum of Art and Design teaching and learning.

Delegate fees will be £55.00 per head, plus £5.00 for lunch.


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