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Top moments at Rural Arts in 2013


Recent Highlights from Rural Arts

We have had a great few months at Rural Arts. Full of excellent top quality performances, workshops and exhibitions. Here are a few of our highlights:

Update from our Young Curators, November 2013 Our group of ‘Young Curators’ spent two days at Harrogate College, using the kiln site as part of their ongoing project. A blog post earlier this year reported on how the young people taking part in our Heritage Lottery funded project, spent several days working with a professional potter and a glass artist to create medieval inspired artwork. 

Since then, more workshops have been held and a collection of fantastic work produced. The ceramics were given time to slowly dry out, and were then biscuit fired by artist Gordon at the college. The group had the opportunity to participate in the firing of a traditional wood fuelled kiln at the college site. They learned how to glaze the work and get it ready to be packed into the kiln. Friday morning saw an early start for tutors Gordon and Fiona, who …